We’ve made a video for Baleine 3000‘s GONNA RAIN, excerpt from THE NAP, out July 29th, 2016 (VLEK24).

“Recalling the “damp lo-fi days of early Ariel Pink” and Connan Mockasin’s kaleidoscopic musical universe whilst “Illreme’s charismatic imperfections provide a hint of Can’s Damo Suzuki glory days“, the song here finds the perfect visual echo to its colourful palette of gummy riffs and toy-box synths, marrying the dazzling organic beauty of variegated gemstones and mineral lodes with childhood souvenirs of the weird, hard-to-hate Power Rangers’ monster enemies.” (Inverted Audio, Sept. ’17)

Shot in Liège on a mining heap by La Supérette.
Edited in Tokyo by $wampz Mushi.

Baleine 3000 are on tour in EU in September 2017, more info here.