VLEK16 – Out June 23, 2014

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Also on Kompakt / Boomkat / Juno / Bleep / Forced Exposure (US)

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Laurent Baudoux aka Lawrence Le Doux is a long-standing producer from Brussels involved in countless off-grid projects.  Since the late 90s, his most prominent work have been released on e.g. Sonig, Grand Royal (yes, That Grand Royal) and Thin Consolation. 
Terrestre’ is a floor-minded 4-track EP, with a sleeve design by label co-founder Dimitri Runkkarri & made on a Vandercook SP-20 letterpress, using cork, lead typefaces, paper and ink.  We’ve made 300 copies.

Original video for “Astre” by Antonin de Bemels

Resident Advisor (4/5): “Belgium’s Laurent Baudoux has constructed a bewildering labyrinth of aliases over the past two decades. He’s operated as Sun Papa, Sun OK Papi K.O. and RBDX to name just three, and been in several bands, including Electrosold Collectif, an improv ensemble featuring Mouse On Mars’ Jan St. Werner. Most of this has occurred under the radar, but given his brand of characterful, low-key electronica—and his geographical proximity—it’s a wonder he hasn’t worked with Vlek before. Terrestre, under his Lawrence Le Doux alias, keeps in check the slightly cloying naive streak found in much of his music, but there’s still an impish quality to the way it tackles dance floor convention.” Continue Reading