12″ Vinyl – 300 copies.
Out Dec. 1st 2014 – Distributed Worldwide by Kompakt.
Fully analog letterpressed sleeve design by Dimitri Runkkari.

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Having built up a dedicated following with two cassette only releases on his own Varech label, Belgian producer Brice Dreessen, AKA Lowcommittee, has signed to the cult Vlek label for the release of ‘Race at Neon Club’.

Featuring 8 tracks of dazzling electronic soundscapes, ‘Race at Neon Club’ sees Dreessen fulfill the promise of his early work to deliver a beautiful, if at times unsettling, album that ranges from blissful interstellar ambience through to disorientating experimental noise and industrial rhythms.

Kicking things off with ‘23E4’ Dreessen perfectly sets the tone for an album that time and time again conjures up incredible cosmic vistas in the mind’s eye, it’s sparkling synths blinking in an out of existence like the first stars illuminating the inky blackness.

Throughout ‘Race at Neon Club’ Dreessen delivers a masterclass in modular synthesis, ‘2702’ recalls the serene majesty of Gavin Russom and Delia Gonzalez’s ‘Rise’, ‘1943’, the record’s first drum beat but still the focus is on the brittle synths and hollow turbine roar that propels us through to ‘Sativae’, whose haunting organ chords swell above the untamed sounds that bubble away beneath.

Opening side 2 of the album ‘Diptych’ sounds like an orchestra of old radios tuned to ancient transmissions, a cacophony of chaos that is finally brought to clockwork order by the introduction of a mechanical hip-hop beat.

Void’ recalls the lascivious stop-start intro to Grace Jones’ ‘Pull Up To The Bumper’ filtered through the gridlock of Brussels traffic, whilst ‘Salon’ sounds like Gescom soundtracking a documentary of the earliest life on earth, amino acids bubbling away in some primordial pit. Closing out the album with the beatless ‘Chair’, Dreessen brings us full circle as one by one the lights go out and we’re left along again in the dark void.

Released digitally and on 12” this December, the limited edition vinyl release maintains Vlek’s strong visual identity with a beautiful blue and gold ink hand-letterpressed sleeve designed by the label’s own Dimitri Runkkari.

Original video for “Chair” by Sabrina Ratté (Montréal, Canada).