Sagat – Melting The Earth Onto The Body Without Organs

[VLEK18] – Out Black Vinyl – Sleeve designed, printed, letterpressed, cut & glued by Dimitri Runkkari at the VLEK Workshop.

300 copies, released on April 13th and distributed by Kompakt

ORDER 12″ – 12€ (p&p included)

US (via Forced Exposure) JP (via Rakuten) GER (via deejay.de) UK (via Juno)

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“The new Sagat is truly emotional: the drums are neat and the sounds are warm. Tight groovy rhythms travelling within layers of the deepest dark dub without sounding evident or tried. Familiar but new. Precise funk made of techno frequencies. Reverb and delays that bring you butter to your ears:  melting the earth onto your body. “Melt” is a body: it has a rhythmic pattern and synths that pop up like a breathing living organism. “Earth” is the landscape: you can visualize it. “Organs” is your brain thinking about a better dance world and “body” is what is left to dance in the way old Gescom vynils used to.” (Words by Miguel)

Resident Advisor (3.2/5): “Peering at the dance floor from its fringes, Sagat has offered an eccentric view of the techno world. Each of his EPs has covered a broad stylistic range, and their tone is shadowy and cryptic, in line with much of the output of Belgian label Vlek. His third EP in as many years is more of a close-up view. The hallucinatory fog has lifted, and the rhythmic vocabulary is narrower, favouring a graceful UK garage flex.” Continue Reading

DJ Magazine (9/10)