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VLEKD11 – Out 6th August 2012

RASUNA is #2 in our series of free digital downloads (’VLEKD’), and was produced by German-Indonesian producer TIGA BAKSO.

Free Digital release

Resident Advisor (4/5): “Belgian imprint Vlek has been an excellent source of subtly compelling electronic miniatures over the past couple of years. Here, the label welcomes German-Indonesian producer Tiga Bakso into the fold for the second in its series of free-to-download releases. Bakso is reportedly a failed bookbinder-turned-media designer who grew up in former East Germany (a deliciously intriguing backstory), and this is his first release. In some respects, it slots neatly into the Vlek formula: much like the series’ inaugural LP, Wanda Group’s Cleaners, it features swatches of unobtrusive, cracked ambient techno, more concerned with the probing of subtle details rather than the acting out of grand gestures.

But where Wanda Group’s LP specialised in bright but claustrophobically rendered melodics, Bakso’s soundworld is far darker and less demonstrative. Woven through this record are textures that crackle with the quiet fervour of electrical circuits possessed; background sounds that resemble the chirruping of data-scrambled crickets, or the gentle hiss of steam being released from decrepit machinery.” Continue Reading